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The U in chUrch "The ChUrch"

Scripture:  Acts 1&2

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The church is God’s strategy for reaching our world with the love and forgiveness found in our Lord and Savior Jesus.  What we do inside the church matters. We tend to equate church life with events and programs. But these are not what make a church.  Programs are helpful to the extent that they facilitate the life and mission of the church, but we can’t equate well-attended events with the health of the church.  

God cares about the way we love each other and the way we pursue His mission.  The church is a group of redeemed people that live and serve together in such a way that their lives and communities are transformed.  What matters is your interaction with the people God has placed in your life. If you are not connected with other Christians, serving and being served, challenging and being challenged, then you are not living as He desires, and the church is not functioning as He intended.  

Out of 114 times that the “church” is mentioned in the New Testament, at least ninety of them refer to specific local gatherings of believers who have banded together for fellowship and mission.